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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Review: Joy’s Teaspoon All That Jazz-mine Tea

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The Subject:  All That Jazz-mine
Company:Joy’s Teaspoon. [More info]

Flavored Tea Rating:

About the new rating designation.

Flavorings work with tea?  Yes
Tea can be tasted? No
Flavor blend balanced? No

Water temperature:176-194° F (we did 180˚ F)
Steeping time:2-3 mins. (we did 2.5 mins.)
Tea type:White
Additions:Jasmine blossoms (buds, actually)
Aroma, dry leaves:  Mild jasmine

1st Infusion:
Aroma, plain —Jasmine
Taste, plain —Balance of Jasmine and green tea at first
Color, plain —Dark golden
2nd Infusion:
Aroma, plain —  Jasmine
Taste, plain —Balance of Jasmine and green tea at first
Color, plain —Golden, slightly cloudy

The green tea used as the basis for this blend is not specified and, considering that its flavor is almost totally subdued by the jasmine, that’s fine with me. Most people who drink jasmine green tea seem to do so for the jasmine, not the tea, flavor.

The company Website says that Jasmine blossoms were used. To me that means fully formed and opened flowers. This contained Jasmine pieces that looked more like buds, not green, but not opened, as you can see here:

Steeping tip: Don’t include the Jasmine buds in with the tea when you steep. That way you will get a liquid that isn’t overly flavored.

Many Jasmine teas are made by spreading out layers of fresh-picked tea leaves, then Jasmine petals/blossoms over them, and then another layer of tea leaves. These are left to wither (go limp, with some of the moisture leaving the leaves). The leaves absorb the aroma and flavor of the Jasmine. This version is different.

The company Website doesn’t say, but I suspect that this tea is one where the Jasmine was added after the tea leaves had been fully processed. It certainly looks and tastes like that. This would account for the difference in taste and aroma of this Jasmine green tea as compared to others hubby and I have tried. The best way to explain it is to compare blueberry muffins to plain muffins that you top with blueberry preserves. In the former, the blueberry taste is more subtle and evenly spread throughout the muffin. In the latter, you get a big taste of blueberry up front in each bite and then a gob of muffin taste. I found myself getting clobbered with the Jasmine aroma and then the flavor, with the green tea flavor trailing them. Also, as with the muffins, as the tea cooled, the Jasmine flavor became more dominant until it was overwhelming.

A tip with this tea, therefore, is to drink it hot. The Jasmine is less overpowering and more blended with the green tea flavor.

Storage tip: If you plan to have this tea around awhile, be aware that Jasmine is one of those scents that tends to leech out of even supposedly airtight containers. One thing that could help is to use a piece of plastic wrap pushed down inside the tin (or whatever) over the tea, and put the lid back on. It will help a bit.

By the way, there is a trend among tea companies to give their teas, especially blends that they’ve devised themselves, cute names. As a writer and tea aficionado, I tend to be amused, impressed, and generally delighted by many of them. This is one, especially since the movie All That Jazz is one I have enjoyed watching dozens of times. Punning around with the Jasmine and making it “Jazz-mine” is quite delectable.

One last item: Hubby had some of the tea that was left over from the tasting along with a bowl of vanilla ice cream. The tea had cooled a bit but wasn’t cold. He said the taste pairing was really great. Kudos to Joy’s Teaspoon on that!

Disclaimer: This tea was provided by the company named. However, the rating of the tea and any opinions concerning it are always strictly objective.


  1. Is there anything that vanilla ice cream does not improve? Also, I know that I do not like to gulp tea back but I also find that keeping it hot is so important to flavor. I use a covered cup so that between sips I can keep the heat in.


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