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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Review: The English Tea Store’s Nonsuch Estate Nilgiri Tea

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The Subject:  Nonsuch Estate Nilgiri
Company:The English Tea Store

Straight Tea Rating:

About the rating designation.

Water temperature:212° F
Steeping time:2-5 mins.
Tea type:Black
Dry leaves:  Broken leaf, aroma varies with steeping time

Round A, 1st Infusion:  
Steeping time —  2 mins.
Aroma, plain —  Lightly fragrant
Taste, plain —Mild, fruity, slightly tangy as cooled
Color, plain —Light amber
Round B, 1st Infusion:  
Steeping time —  5 mins.
Aroma, plain —  Richly fragrant
Taste, plain —Strong, slightly bitter
Color, plain —Dark amber
Taste, enhanced —Takes milk well, needs some sweetener
Round B, 2nd Infusion:
Steeping time —  5 mins.
Aroma, plain —  Light, weak
Taste, plain —Lighter taste, no sweetener needed
Color, plain —Lighter amber


This tea from the Nilgiri region of India is said to taste similar to Ceylon teas. The Nonsuch Estate teas, though, are supposed to have a fruitiness. That depends. How long you steep this tea can vary the taste considerably. The vendor gives a steeping time range of 2 to 5 minutes. We tried the tea first at 2 minutes and did a second round with fresh leaves at 5 minutes. Quite a difference.

Round A steeped at 2 minutes was light, fruity, and needed no additives. A great tea break for those who like their tea straight.

Round B steeped at 5 minutes, was more similar to a nice Assam tea, with a dark amber color and malty aroma and taste that endured even with a bit of milk added. Perfect for those who like milk in their tea and a stronger taste.

The leaf pieces are broken leaf, clearly evident when dry and after steeping:

The tea in the photo here is Round B, 1st Infusion. The “Thé” (“Tea”) towel was a gift from hubby several years ago. Even then, we were stocking up on items to include in our tea review photos.

Disclaimer: This tea was provided by the company named. However, the rating of the tea and any opinions concerning it are always strictly objective.

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